bands / musicians

Long time friends and real cool bands & musicians:

The bavarian band – on tour all over the country – famous Oktoberfest band, too!

Guitarslinger Peter Schneider and his fabulous band know how to make people dance!

Martin Huch
Slide-Master Extraordinaire

Root Bootleg Band
Rock’n’Roll and twang at its best.

Lem Motlow
Young and loud and wild and crazy!

Just Chanpero
Uncle Magic Bob and his groovy crew

Perfectly Normal Beasts
Cool songs and 4 very special beasts!

Jacques Bono
Mr. Solo-Bassman – just around the corner …

Cora Krötz
Multi-instrumentalist –  and: what a voice!

Peter Crow C.
Raw blues power!

Nick Woodland
Tasteful Blues and Rock'n'Roll Guitar.